Ok Google Tomorrow Weather Forecast

Ok Google Tomorrow Weather Forecast – KOMPAS.com – Eclipses, both annular and partial, will occur in various parts of Indonesia this afternoon, with different durations and durations.

Taken from information about the ring solar eclipse on 29 Rabiul Akhir 1441 H/26. December 2019 AD in Indonesia by the Executive Board of the Nahdlatul Ulama Falakiyah Institute; The annular eclipse will pass through 25 city and district centers in 7 provinces, namely:

Ok Google Tomorrow Weather Forecast

This phenomenon is expected to start at 12:15 WIB and enter its peak at 12:17 WIB before ending at 12:19 WIB.

Weather Southwest Aceh Today And Tomorrow

Meanwhile, other areas of Indonesia covered by the Dark Central Zone will experience a partial eclipse with the magnitude of the eclipse (the percentage of the Sun’s disk that is covered by the Moon’s disk at the time of the eclipse’s climax) depending on the location.

The earliest solar eclipse in Indonesia was conveyed by the Head of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG), Hendra Suwarta Suprihatin SKom, starting in Sabang on January 5 2019. 10/03/2011, 9 WIB.

Fortunately, the Deputy for Meteorology at the BMKG has issued weather forecasts for major cities in Indonesia, which Kompas.com lists below this article with the following information:

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West Sumatra | – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Minangkabau Station, Padang Pariaman, this morning, Friday (12/8) issued a weather forecast for West Sumatra (West Sumatra) today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

“However, early today’s warning be aware of the possibility of heavy rain being accompanied by Nila or Zero Lightning/Lightning,” said Head of Minangkabau Metro Station Sakimin, S.Si, Friday (12/8/2022) in a written statement received.

“Except for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, there will not only be moderate to moderate rain, but also an early warning of the possibility of moderate to heavy rain which can be accompanied by thunder and lightning,” he continued.

He added, the air temperature today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow fluctuates between 16-31 degrees Celsius, humidity 65-95%.

Bmkg: Jakarta Weather Forecast for December 25, Rain in All Areas

The wind speed today tomorrow and the next day blows from the southeast – southwest, from Kec. 6-20km/hour.

The potential for light to moderate rain in the West Pasaman, Pasaman, Agam, Bukittinggi, Padang Panjang, Tanah Datar, Padang Pariaman, Padang, South Coast and Sijunjung areas.

Chances of light to moderate rain in the Lima Puluh Kota area, Tanah Datar, Solok, Kab. Solok, Nam Solok, Sawahlunto, Sijunjung and Dharmasraya.

Ok Google Tomorrow Weather Forecast

The potential for light to moderate rain in West Pasaman, Pasaman, Agam, Fifty Cities, Payakumbuh, Tanah Datar, Solok, Kab. Solo, Nam Solo.

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Watch for moderate to heavy rain accompanied by thunder/lightning in the Bukittinggi, Padang Panjang, Sawahlunto, Sijunjung, and Dharmasraya areas in the afternoon.*

The potential for moderate to light rain on Kep. Mentawai, Payakumbuh, Agam, Bukittinggi, Padang Panjang, Tanah Datar, Padang, Solok, Sawahlunto, Sijunjung, South Coast.

Chances of light to moderate rain in the Mentawai Islands, West Pasaman, Payakumbuh, Bukittinggi, Agam, Padang Panjang, Tanah Datar, Padang Pariaman, Pariaman, Sawahlunto, Solok, Kab. Solok, Sawahlunto, Dharmasraya.

Beware of moderate to heavy rain accompanied by thunder/lightning tomorrow afternoon in the Pasaman area, West Pasaman, Limapuluh Kota, Solok Regency; and dawn on the Mentawai islands, Pasaman, Limapuluh Kota, Sijunjung.*

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Through the Integrated National Police for the 2023 Fiscal Year, HR Karo Polda W Sumatra: Online Registration Extended April 14 2023 – 23:08 WIB The saying “be ready to take an umbrella before it rains” is no longer relevant or on the contrary in the current digital era. The emergence of a weather forecast application on a smartphone or

Ok Google Tomorrow Weather Forecast

There are many weather forecasting applications available in app stores such as Google Play and the App Store, including Weather, AccuWeather, Weather Underground, BMKG Info belonging to the Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG). The name is actually different, but the function of this application is more or less the same for weather forecasts.

Bmkg About Forecasting And Weather Changes, Answer Key Class 3 Elementary School Theme 5 Sub-theme 2 Pages

Overall, this weather forecast app comes from an almost identical database. As I quoted from The New York Times, in the United States, where most weather forecasting applications originate, data can be obtained from the National Weather Service, NASA, Atmospheric Administration, and national oceans, satellites, oil and gas weather, local observatories, etc. . other position sensors

The World Meteorological Organization, the BMKG global organization, claims to have more than 10,000 weather observation points around the world. These points become the main data collection base for gathering weather forecasting information.

Data from various locations is presented as data on temperature, dew point, cloud cover, wind speed and direction, rainfall, and various other types of data.

Mulyono Rahadi Prabowo, Deputy of Meteorology at BMKG, said the weather forecast provided by BMKG, including the BMKG Info application, contains different data obtained from different locations.

Weather Forecast in the City and District of Solok, Wednesday 02 December 2020

“First, of course, the original data, observational data. BMKG has 180 BMKG offices in the regions, there are people there (collecting data). We cooperate (simultaneously) with agencies. ports, Filler ships, oil port rigs. At certain times, data is transferred to BMKG and then transferred to other agencies, such as local authorities. (BMKG also uses) Radar, a weather satellite for a wide area,” said Mulyono

While these apps largely derive from the same data, each makes completely different predictions. Like the weather forecast for the Kemang area, South Jakarta, Tuesday (12/12), the Weather application predicts rain with a maximum temperature of 31 degrees Celsius.

On Wednesday (13/12), the application predicts cloudy weather with the highest temperature still at 31 degrees Celsius, with the AccuWeather application the results are slightly different. Rainy weather is expected on Tuesday with a maximum temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. For Wednesday, AccuWeather is predicted to rain with a maximum temperature of 32 degrees Celsius.

Ok Google Tomorrow Weather Forecast

Meanwhile, BMKG Info predicts that Tuesday will be cloudy with the possibility of rain accompanied by lightning. The maximum temperature is set at 30 degrees Celsius. On Wednesday, BMKG Info predicts that the weather will be cloudy and has the potential to rain during the day. The maximum temperature is set at 28 degrees Celsius. Things like this are different for each application.

Jayapura Weather Forecast

CNBC once tested the use of weather forecasts. The results show that the Weather Underground Channel in the US has the highest overall average accuracy in that country of any other app. However, when speaking in the local context, these two names are still unable to compete. For example in Miami

Regarding the varying accuracy of weather applications, Mulyono said there are differences between the local context and the broader field of weather forecasting.

“Jakarta is cloudy. Where is Jakarta, because there are North, South, West, East. (Jakarta) Central or which district? (Regency) Senen, which district? The size of the area can affect the level of accuracy (the BMKG application itself has) an accuracy rate of 80% for that area,” he said.

However, Mulyono gave an example, for some applications, 100% forecast accuracy is a non-negotiable price, such as in the world of aviation.

Bmkg: Weather Forecast for Tomorrow 1 February 2023 Jakarta, Check Now

“Depends on what it’s used for. Must be 100% accurate with the plane. Cannot be less than 100 percent. (This can happen because) that is the point,” he said. .

In general, the difference between the forecasts displayed by a weather forecasting application mainly depends on how the application processes the data. “The forecasts you see in weather apps are based on one or more information models. WeatherBug meteorologist James West told Business Insider that the accuracy of a weather app depends on how each organization uses the data it receives.

When dealing with data, algorithms and professional interpretation of forecasts are paramount. Indeed, some proponents of weather forecasting applications clearly differentiate the two, rather than combining the two methods.

Ok Google Tomorrow Weather Forecast

Adam Grossman, creator of an app called Dark Sky, said: “We get a lot of blasphemy from meteorologists, saying computers can’t do that and you always need humans to do it. determines the weather.”

Bmkg Predicts Increased Rainfall Has Potential for Disaster

“But we humans are bad at judging. “If the weather forecast is complete, it is better to submit it to the computer,” he said

“The algorithm makes several assumptions about the atmosphere. The algorithm provides an estimate of where certain atmospheric conditions will occur,” said Chris Maier

Algorithms are mainly used because there is too much data to process. AccuWeather, one of these apps has its own algorithm called RealFeel.

Dannis Mersereau writing in Gawker challenges the reliance on weather forecasting algorithms. He says that “quality weather forecasts are made by skilled forecasters who use their knowledge and experience to complete data models.”

Why does Google’s weather app often call the weather thunderstorms (even though the weather is fine), which in the minds of cloud people is quite exaggerated and surprising?

So it’s not just an algorithm. And there’s no denying that no algorithm is perfect and every weather app developer has his own. Therefore, the difference in forecast results is unavoidable.

Although the two approaches appear to be different, cooperation between them is possible. This is because the combination of the two becomes equally important.


Ok Google Tomorrow Weather Forecast

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